New Face on the Block
Created by admin on Thursday, February 18th, 2016

BRIXCY Yu has a message to young entrepreneurs: There’s no better time to work on one’s dreams than now. In a generation when twenty-somethings begin to populate boardrooms, with their innovative mindsets and enthusiasm, Brixcy, a fresh-faced 23 year old, is getting ahead, building her foundation in real estate as president of the newly established Brickland Property Venture Corp.


LEARNING TO LEAD. Realizing the need to be open-minded, to listen to others and to consider other approaches, Brixcy Yu invests not only in the business, but also in herself. She never stops learning, Brixcy says.

Brixcy deconstructs stereotypes — of her age, of being a woman in an industry typically perceived to be a man’s playground. Hardly seeing it as hindrances, she puts on her hard hat, matches it with a stylish pair of heels to boot, and boldly oversees development of their company’s flagship project, Woodway Homes in Talisay City.

“People were shocked at first because it’s real estate. It’s not a girl’s job. But then I was able to prove to them that if guys can do it, girls can do it also,” she said. “Everything about it is fun. I don’t see it as work or a hobby, but it’s something I enjoy every day. I’m very hands-on with Woodway.”

Goal in mind

For Brixcy, everything started with a goal in mind. She said, “I actually write down my goals. I print it and put it in a spot where I can see it everyday. Believe me, it’s very effective and it works.”

“I never limit my dreams, because of this, I look at things from a different perspective,” she said, and adding that instead of saying “I can’t afford it,” she goes “How can I afford it?”

After studying management accounting at the University of San Carlos, Brixcy briefly worked in the banking industry before opting to help out her mom in their family’s business of seafood export — which she juggles with Brickland up to today.

“When I graduated, I thought I knew everything,” she said. “But I realized that I needed to be open-minded, to listen to others and consider other approaches to solving problems — accepting the fact that I’m never always right.”

This mindset has led her to invest not only in the business, but also in herself. “I read business books and magazines, stories of successful entrepreneurs. I attend workshops and seminars because I believe one should never stop learning,” she said.

Inspired by mom

Brixcy said she got her knack for industriousness from her mom, a single parent who brought up her and her two sisters with discipline. “My mother has always been my inspiration. She has inspired me to be a strong woman and to be there for the family,” she said.

“One thing I never forget my mom told me was to look at each day as an opportunity to be my best,” Brixcy shared, “to set high goals and to work with people who share the same interest and passion as me.”

It doesn’t mean it’s all work and no play for this hardworking entrepreneur, though. In between the two ventures, Brixcy makes room for meeting up with her friends or simply just hanging out with her eight dogs at home. She said, “I also enjoy shopping, dressing up and make-up, and cooking.”

Growing up in a tight-knit family, she enjoys spending time with her family most of all — the recent gathering being their celebration of the Chinese New Year with a family dinner and a visit to the temple.

When asked what goals she has lined up for the coming year are, Brixcy said, “To come up with new strategies for the business, be more physically active, travel more, give back to charity, and lastly, to motivate young, soon-to-be entrepreneurs.” Seeing what she has accomplished so far, the last one just might be the first thing she gets done.